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i gif from time to time, but mostly i just read fanfiction.

  1. Me: I should do something with my life
  2. Me: *opens tumblr*

The entire project is essentially an orphan.

Self-consciousness is the enemy of all art, be it acting, writing, painting, or living itself, which is the greatest art of all.

— Ray Bradbury (via wordsnquotes)

Lahm never received a single red card in his career


everybody please take notes.


Whether we have the best individual players doesn’t matter, you have to have the best team.

— Philipp fucking Lahm sets it straight.

do you think game of thrones tv show sucks? :O


Well, ‘suck’ doesn’t seem the right word to describe a show that’s still attracting more viewers every episode, but let’s say i’m more than a little disappointed. Besides the fact they stripped the books from most of its complexity and depth, what could be argued was necessary for the sake of transforming the books into a watchable show, but in my opinion they never succeeded at that. With every season the story and its characters seem to have simplified to the point where they changed integral storylines and core personality traits to fit it into their own story, embarrassingly enough, sometimes even contradicting their own tv-canon. The choices made by the writers often imply sexist, racist and ignorant undertones, the show seems to glorify (sexual) violence, frequently throws in rape as a plot device and (female) nudity to satisfy the ‘perverts’whitewashes characters, fridges women for the sake of male character development, has been accused of having a ‘rape-problem’ (especially after the scene between jaime/cersei, which the writers never even commented on and the director simply denied it was rape, what makes it even worse if you ask me, cause it clearly was). the writers seem misogynist, seem to sexualize everything and everyone from women to gay people to their 'exotic' dornishmen, they seem to have a tendency to vilify the women while making the men more heroic (most obvious example catelyn ‘i’m the worst woman who has ever lived’ tully, and again cersei and who the fuck not), seem to only have a skindeep understanding of the characters and the story and on top of all that is that the writers don’t seem to care. When asked a question about their sexposition and reliance on nudity they joked "we will address this issue with a 20-minute brothel scene involving a dozen whores, Mord the Jailer, a jackass, and a large honeycomb." …….. um???? gross??? they dont even take it seriously?!!?? They admitted they had no idea what they were getting into when they started Game of Thrones, but at the same time they say they are not reading fan reactions anymore because they can’t stand criticism. Of course Game of Thrones still has some scenes which are great, I would be worried if that wasn’t the case seeing how much money is pumped into it and how many talented people are working on it, but overall, no, this is not a show i wanna support and I don’t enjoy watching it anymore.



A handout picture provided by the German Federal Press Office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (C) celebrating with German national soccer team players after the FIFA World Cup 2014 group G preliminary round match between Germany and Portugal at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Brazil, 16 June 2014. Germany won 4-0